What Do White Roses Mean In A Relationship?

Purity, spirituality, and innocence are all represented by the meaning of the white rose. But White Rose symbolisms come from a particular time and place in history and culture. In Christianity, it is a representation of the Virgin Mary, and white roses stand for virginity. It also represents unadulterated, sincere affection, love, and compassion for another person. Giving white roses is a symbol of respect, loyalty, and gratitude. It also includes expressing love and support for the recipient.

History of the White Rose

Ancient Greece

The goddess Aphrodite, who the Romans later renamed Venus, was represented by the white rose in ancient Greece. She typifies what it means to be a beautiful, loving, and sexual woman. She was one of the three goddesses present at the wedding that ultimately precipitated the Trojan War and had a significant role in the Iliad.

According to a myth, all roses were white before Aphrodite prickled her foot on a thorn and spilled her blood onto the flowers, turning them red. This occurred as a result of Cupid or Eros accidentally shooting the stems with an arrow, making them thorny. Possibly signifying a recognition that few things can be wholly pure, and certainly not all of one thing.

Given that she was frequently given flowers by her devotees in ancient Greece, it’s possible that Aphrodite was the one who gave roses such prominence. Because of this custom, giving specific flowers to women is another way to convey your admiration for them as goddesses. A bouquet of red roses can demonstrate your passion for your significant other and convey that she means the world to you, but white roses can highlight the purity of that passion.

England’s Influence

The War of the Roses happened in England in the 14th century. The Duke of York and the Lancaster family were at war in this conflict. The white rose, which represented the family of the Duke, and the red rose, which represented the family of the Lancaster, are what gave rise to the name “War of the Roses.”

The War of the Roses, thankfully, did not change the meaning of white roses, though it may have given the Rose some momentum after it lost favor in Rome. The white rose continued to represent the two main facets of Aphrodite: true love and feminine beauty.

When Queen Victoria walked down the aisle in 1840 carrying her own bouquet of white roses, the custom of using white roses in bridal bouquets gained popularity much later. One could argue that at this point roses began to regain their current prominence.

In Christianity

Of course, the Church of England and the Roman Empire were both Christian institutions, so this may be the reason why the white rose acquired its almost angelic appearance. It is prevalent in Christian art, and particularly Catholic art, where it was frequently used to represent the virgin, Mary. She is sometimes called the “Mystical Rose of Heaven,” where the rose represents purity and joy. With Mary’s connection to the white rose, they “rose” to popularity in medieval gardens.

What Do White Roses Mean In A Relationship?

White Rose Meaning in a Relationship

He Sees You as a Gentle Lady

Men usually look for ladies who are gentle, kind, and “innocent.” If your man purchases a white rose for you, you can be sure that he views you as his tender, gentle muse.

Deep Love

In Christianity, the Virgin Mary is symbolized by a white rose. Virgin Mary is a symbol of radiance and purity. If your significant other gives you white roses, he is searching for true love in your relationship and it may even portend your impending nuptials.

He Won’t Give Up on Your Love

White roses stand for a kind of love that you will never, ever give up! Your partner will continuously try to improve your connection.


This does not imply that your partner regards you only as a friend. It implies that before becoming his lover, you were his best friend, and that is a very significant factor in a relationship that strengthens it.

He’s Fully Committed to You

If your significant other gives you twelve white roses, it is a sign of his unwavering dedication to you and your relationship. It may also represent a union for all time.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends You White Roses?

It’s a Neutral Message and His Comfort Zone

Your loved one is expressing interest, affection, and attention toward you while keeping one foot on solid ground by sending you a white rose if you haven’t started dating or if you have just begun.

The start of anything new is always accompanied by a lot of uncertainties. He feels comfortable doing it this way.

Ladies usually go crazy (sorry, facts) when they receive red roses as a gift, and with a nice white rose, he’s telling you that he likes you but also, “let’s take it slowly.”

He Thinks That a White Rose Suits You

It’s not like it’s Valentine’s Day, so calm down. What’s not to like about the lovely white roses he bought for you? When he gives you a white rose, it is obvious what it means: He sees you in that light.

Similar to pink roses (in case you get those and start wondering), white is a color of elegance, purity, and innocent love.

He Likes You

Without wanting to be your man, no man would ever buy you flowers. For their true love, men purchase flowers, not just any girl.

Not only do white roses fall under this prohibition. This is applicable to all rose varieties, including pink, yellow, green, and lavender roses.

The meaning of a single red rose and a single yellow rose also applies to a man who likes you. The location of romantic love is where there are flowers.

It is abundantly clear that he is seriously considering you given how thoughtful flowers are. And don’t worry, sometimes, white roses come in a package with an “I love you” note as well.

He Wants to Make Your Day Better

Men don’t just buy flowers for weddings and anniversaries. No matter the type of flowers he purchased—light pink roses, red and white roses, other white flowers, violets, or carnations—your sweet man bought them to brighten your day.

The various flower varieties and the traditional rose color meanings are irrelevant in this situation.

In this situation, flowers are just the thing to brighten your loved one’s day if she’s feeling under the weather, and that’s what men also use flowers for.

He’s Wishing You Good Luck

Relationship crises are common. The causes can be numerous; they can include youth or, occasionally, the randomness of life.

Because of college, young couples frequently have long-distance relationships, and occasionally, people relocate for employment.

On the day of your move, he is sending you good luck wishes if he brings you white roses. Additionally, white roses in this context signify a new beginning for you, one that will bring about a lot of changes.

What Do White Roses Mean In A Relationship?

The Different Meanings of the White Rose

At Weddings

White roses can represent the newlywed’s infatuation with her fiancé. The message of innocence, loyalty, and purity can be conveyed through these flowers. They frequently serve as the focal point of any wedding decoration theme a result.

White roses are frequently seen on a wedding day because they are also intended to serve as the cornerstone of a relationship. Red roses can be exchanged as a gift once a couple has been dating for a while. The couple’s growing love can be seen in this color change.

The married couple’s loyalty and relationship are highlighted by the white rose, which also highlights their love for one another. If you want to express to your spouse how much you still adore them on your wedding anniversary, give them a bouquet of these lovely flowers.

White roses can be given to the other significant individuals in your life in addition to your spouse. They can be given to your immediate family or other people you love in some of their most memorable or trying times, bringing honor, hope, and a gentle light with them.

At Funerals

As we hinted at earlier, white roses aren’t always given to mark a happy or celebratory occasion; they can also be given as a token of sympathy or at a funeral. They convey a feeling of holiness and purity, as well as send prayers for the departed on their journey to heaven.

White roses serve as a comfort to the grieving family during this difficult time. They may be present at the funeral in a variety of settings, such as on crosses and wreaths. The Le Plein, the Grandiose DE Venus, the Round Grandiose, or any of our elegant vases with flower arrangements are some of Venus et Fleur’s best options for a funeral.

At Graduation Parties

White roses are also frequently seen at graduation parties, which is another location. White roses are frequently given to graduates as a symbol of honor and hope for their new beginnings, as well as a message that their achievement is appreciated.

A white rose’s significance at a graduation ceremony is very different from that at funerals; instead, it connotes optimism and hope. Someone in your family who is soon to graduate might appreciate receiving an arrangement of lovely white roses as a good luck gift; they are sure to adore them.

For someone finishing their higher education, a tasteful bouquet of white roses might mean a lot. Graduates of master’s, doctoral, or nursing programs would look back fondly on their arrangement, the effort that went into it, and the numerous new opportunities it represents.

Other Times to Gift White Roses

Aside from the more formal and significant moments in life, there are other occasions in which giving someone you care about a bouquet of white roses can be viewed as a wonderful expression of sympathy. A white rose can be a sign of future health and hope for a sick friend.

White flowers are additionally thought to help you get your life back in balance. Sending a family who is struggling with a bouquet of white roses to display in their home is said to help ensure their future success.

White roses are a wonderful gift for new homeowners at their housewarming, new neighbors, or friends who are moving away because they represent hope for a pure and honorable life in this new stage. In the same vein, this also makes white roses a great gift for new homeowners. This makes them ideal as a welcome gift, farewell, or good luck token.


Never before has it been so simple to send flowers. You can do it with just one click on your smartphone, but before you send any, learn the meanings of the different rose colors and learn the flower vocabulary.

Over the years, there have been a few slight variations in the significance of a white rose in a relationship. It now serves as a formal representation of innocent, pure youth. There have been many changes in the meaning of a white rose, but one thing has never changed.

When a loved one gives us a white rose, it still takes our breath away, just as it did before.