It’s an exciting new experience to start middle school. You’ll meet lots of girls and make new friends. Maybe you’ve got your eye on someone and want to make her your girlfriend. Step by step, and before you know it, she’ll also recognize how unique you are. You’ll definitely stand out from the other guys your age, whether it’s the beginning of a great romance or simply a great friendship.

Pros And Cons Get A Girlfriend In Middle School


  • Dating in middle school will give you some experience with romantic feelings so you will be better prepared for more serious relationships in high school and beyond
  • Getting your heart broken really sucks, but it can prepare you for more serious heartbreak as you get older
  • When you “date” girls in middle school, you may find that you are not right for each other, but you might make some meaningful and lasting friendships along the way if your breakup doesn’t end badly
  • Having certain freedoms and restrictions can help teach your respect, boundaries, and knowing the difference between actual consent and the meaning of the word “no”


  • At this stage of your life, experiencing heartbreak and heartache is inevitable and acts as a rite of passage. You can overcome any sadness within a matter of days or weeks, depending on how rough it went
  • The girl you are interested in may have extra strict parents who have set a minimum “dating” age for her, so you may not actually get to date the girl of your dreams. Although it can be frustrating, the wait will be well worth it if you have genuine feelings for the girl. Just stay friends with her, get to know her parents and family, gain their respect, and then everything else will work itself out.

How To Get A Girlfriend In Middle School?

1. Get Noticed

If she doesn’t know you exist, you can’t get the girl. She will notice you if you are deliberate and original.

Be Yourself

When pursuing a girlfriend, it’s critical to be authentic. She will discover your lies about who you are eventually and be hurt that you misled her. Furthermore, do you really want a girl who doesn’t like the real you?

  • Keep engaging in the activities you already enjoy. If you’re not into sports, don’t act like you are just because the girl likes jocks.
  • Keep your morals and beliefs intact. If you want someone’s attention, don’t alter your personal beliefs.

She will find it difficult to respect you if you completely change who you are to get a girlfriend. You might come across as being dishonest. Additionally, staying in your comfort zone will help you avoid awkward scenarios where you put your foot in your mouth and can never get it out again.

It’s a thrilling new experience to start middle school. You’ll meet a lot of girls and make new friends. You might want to make the person you have your eye on your girlfriend if you have a crush on her. Step by step, and before you know it, she’ll also recognize how unique you are. You’ll stand out from the other guys your age, whether it’s the beginning of a great romance or just a great friendship.

Get To Know Her

Getting to know a girl is one of the most crucial steps in attracting her attention. She will be more drawn to you if you can understand who she is and show her that you can see her true self.

  • Ask her about her interests and learn about any hobbies she may have.
  • Pay attention to what she has to say. Do not simply nod your head while considering the snack you will have when you get home from school. As you hear what she has to say, add your thoughts to the discussion by asking or making a comment.
  • You can learn more about a person by learning about their family, including whether they have siblings, whether they live with their parents, and whether they have a large extended family.
  • You should make an effort to get to know her friends.
  • Discover her favorite food, color, etc. by asking. Of course, don’t inquire about each of these topics at once. In order to avoid coming across as a stalker, you should get to know her slowly.

Dress To Impress

Spend a little more time on your appearance than usual. This does not imply that you should buy a new wardrobe right away or dress in something unusual. It simply means:

  • Ensure that all of your clothing is pristine and free of rips and tears.
  • Instead of wearing your old, faded favorites, put on something a little fresher and more colorful.
  • Give your hair a little more attention.
  • Keep cologne out of the bath. Nobody wants to choke when you approach a fragrant cloud. The girl might feel sick when you’re around because some people are sensitive to colognes. 
  • Check to see if you’re fresh-smelling and clean. This may seem obvious, but it is sometimes simple to get distracted, especially if you play a sport and unexpectedly run into her after the big game. You’ll come across better if you take the time to quickly freshen up in the locker room.
  • A dermatologist can help you manage your acne if you visit them. Although most teenagers outgrow acne, it can still make you feel self-conscious, and it’s important to feel and appear confident.

Capture Her Attention

It’s time to catch her eye now. Even though you want her to pay attention to you, you don’t want to come off as annoying.

  • Be careful not to ignore your friends while getting to know her. Break away from your friends for a moment to say hello when you see her in the hallway, but then hurry back to catch up with them. At the school assembly, sit next to her, but at the big game, sit with your friends.
  • Say hello and smile if you see her at a party or school activity. Talk to her without being apprehensive. It helps to have some questions prepared for her that you want to ask, such as how her infant brother is doing or whether the cheer squad is prepared for their upcoming competition.

2. Show Her You Care

A girl might not immediately consider you to be a potential boyfriend, even if she does notice you. You have to prove to her that you care about her in that way if you want her to consider you as a potential boyfriend.

Compliment Her

When you first see her, make an effort to compliment her. If you are sincere and limit your compliments to appropriate levels, you won’t come off as cheesy.

  • Does she have a great laugh? Why do you like her? Tell her, “I love your laugh.”
  • Is she attractive today? Saying something like, “You look really nice today,” will let her know that you noticed.’ You don’t want to come on too strong at this point, so you might want to reserve words like “beautiful” for when you are actually dating her.
  • Girls don’t want a boyfriend who only admires them for their looks or popularity. Consider praising her for her accomplishments as well as her personality when you do so.

The Nice Guy Always Wins

Girls sometimes choose the bad boy in movies, but in real life, they prefer a man who treats them well. Keep these things in mind:

  • How would you want your sister’s boyfriend to treat her if you have a sister?
  • Use your manners. When you meet her parents, shake hands, tell them it’s nice to have met them and say “please” and “thank you.”
  • Close your mouth as you chew. It is simple to get in the habit of eating quickly and not paying attention to whether your mouth is closed, but no girl wants to see a guy with a hamburger bit rolling around in his mouth.
  • Hold the door open for her as she enters the classroom or the school because girls enjoy having the door held open for them.
  • Don’t criticize others while attempting to assist others. Girls typically prefer to date a guy who is well-known for being cordial with everyone.

The most important thing is to act sincerely. Develop a nice and kind spirit, and you will draw a good girl who is also a nice person.

Body Language Is Important

Keep an eye out for her body language. It may give you a hint about whether she is beginning to regard you as more than just a friend. Signs that she might like you as more than a friend include:

  • While you are talking, she leans toward you.
  • She smiles.
  • You notice her looking at you or she maintains eye contact with you.
  • Your jokes, no matter how corny they are, make her laugh.
  • When speaking to you, she might place her hand on your shoulder or arm.

They do, however, indicate that she at least finds you to be a likable person, which is a good start. Of course, these things can also be a sign of friendship.


Make Her Feel Special

She’s been talking to you in class, and you know her friends. Making her feel special and expressing your interest in her are now the only things left to do.

  • Carry her books to class and assist her. Offer to assist her with her test preparation. When she can’t get the combination right, open her locker.
  • Simply let her know you’re thinking of her, ask for her phone number, and send her a text.
  • Purchase her favorite candy bar and bring it to class.
  • Get her some assistance. Is it true that she is proficient in English while you are not? She’s so good at English, ask her if she’ll assist you in your studies.
  • Look at her face and into her eyes. Don’t let your eyes stray or she’ll assume you’re only interested in her appearance and not who she is as a person.
  • Inform her that you’re happy to see her or that you had a good conversation with her.
  • After class or another event, linger after saying goodbye just long enough to convey to her your reluctance to leave her.

3. Ask For The Date

How to ask a girl out in middle school is a common question among boys. Asking her out on a date is the next step once you’ve caught her eye and she realizes you’re interested. Remember that a date could be going to the school dance together, hanging out with some friends, or hosting a family barbecue at your house.

Figure Out If She Likes You

When asking a girl out on a date, most guys get pretty anxious. What happens if she laughs or says no? What if her friends start to laugh too? Identifying whether she likes you is crucial. If she appears to, then take action without giving it much thought. The worst that can happen is that she will decline. She will nonetheless desire a friendship. You don’t stand to lose much if you think about it that way.

  • Observe how she is acting.
  • Is she looking for you?
  • Does she take your seat in class?
  • Has she shown any interest in the things you like and dislike? Does she inquire about your family, hobbies, or pets?

If you’re still unsure, you can always ask your friend to talk to her friend and find out what she thinks of you. Such is the course of the conversation. “How does Sarah feel about my friend Johnny, Mary?” Because you can be sure that Sarah has told Mary what she thinks, the response will reveal a lot to you. Sarah will learn that your friend asked, which will let her know that you might be considering asking her out.

Ask The Right Way

The last thing you want to do is make her feel awkward when you ask her out after all this work. To avoid being placed in the friend zone, it’s important to keep things informal but not too informal.

  • Make plans for the date time and location before you ask her out. Since you are familiar with her, you should already be aware of what her parents will permit her to do. Group dates, staying at home, and getting together for a game are all excellent options.
  • Think about her schedule. If she is in the band, find a different friend who is in the band, find out their practice and competition schedule, and make sure she is available on the date you’re asking her out.
  • If you want to talk to her, wait until she’s not surrounded by friends. When questioned in front of other people, girls occasionally experience anxiety and are unsure of how to respond.
  • Don’t text or message someone online; instead, make the inquiry in person. Show her that you’re more courageous and unique than other guys by being different. Although it is frightening, you can still do it. Say the words while inhaling deeply.

Even though it might hurt, if she rejects you, life will go on and you’ll eventually be interested in another girl.

4. Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

The first step is to learn how to attract girls in middle school, but once you’re ready, it’s time to propose to her.

Before You Ask

There are a few things middle school boys who want a girlfriend should think about. The word “friend” is an important part of the equation. If you can’t see yourself hanging out with her and don’t like her company, she might not be the best candidate for a romantic relationship. Before transitioning from friendship to dating, it’s probably best to make sure you really know her.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

The best strategy is to ask her to be your girlfriend directly and honestly after getting to know her. You won’t know the answer unless you ask, even though it can be difficult to put yourself out there because there is always a possibility that the other person will decline you as a potential dating partner.

  • Inform the girl that you consider her to be more than just a friend.
  • Be romantic; give her flowers; write her a note; and tell her how beautiful she is.
  • To find out if she wants to be your girlfriend, ask her.

Tips For Getting A Girlfriend In Middle School

Any age group, not just middle schoolers, can find it difficult to find a girlfriend. It might be difficult to talk to her at first. To put it mildly, it might be challenging to try to read or understand the body signals she is giving you. Learn some confidence-boosting strategies, shyness management techniques, and even flirting techniques.

1. Learn To Flirt

Since you don’t learn how to flirt at birth, it can be uncomfortable, especially for middle schoolers. You can get a long way toward becoming a flirting expert by smiling, making light contact, and making eye contact.

2. Be Confident

Keep in mind that 90% of confidence is an act. People will perceive you as confident even if your insides are writhing around like snakes if you maintain your head high, make eye contact, and smile. Breathe deeply, and have confidence in yourself. It can also be helpful to give yourself a little pep talk like, “I can do this.

3. Don’t Let Shyness Win

If you have trouble speaking with your crush, it’s difficult to express your admiration for her. Being confident and smiling at her can help you get over your shyness because flirting is largely about body language. Get to know her friends if you’re having trouble communicating with her. You might feel more comfortable around her and less ashamed if you do this.

4. Start Small

You might feel anxious about approaching your crush. There’s no need to complete everything at once. Start out modestly, don’t forget that. Work your way up to a conversation by beginning with a simple compliment or a hello in the hallway. This can help you avoid becoming overburdened and letting your anxiety win.