inverted cup and handle pattern
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The inverted cup and handle pattern is a short-term bearish reversal pattern that appears in an upward price trend. It develops when a peak is reached, the stock price starts to fall, forms an upside-down cup shape, then rallies back to just below the peak before starting to fall once more. When the price closes […]

how to simplify your budget
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Do you want to lessen the strain of having to manage a budget? You can start the year off right by streamlining your finances and budget. By looking at some ways to streamline your budget, let’s try to lessen some of that stress today. Simplicity does not imply poverty or being stingy. Making sure your […]

what is a gamma squeese
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When it comes to trading in the derivatives market, feedback loops can happen where increasing prices force market makers to purchase stock in order to cover their options exposure, which in turn pushes up prices further, causing, even more, buying from market makers to cover their positions, and so on and so forth, creating what […]

7. Is Forex Trading Profitable1
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How good are your chances in the forex market in 2022? In this article, we’ll address a crucial query that every new trader has: Is forex trading profitable? Is it possible to profit from trading foreign exchange? You must first comprehend the market and the key success factors in order to stand any chance of […]