How to Handle Bossy Person

Most likely, you’ve dealt with a coworker who can’t help but feel the need to instruct you on how to perform your duties. Even worse when it comes from a peer, micromanagement is bad enough when it comes from a manager. Workplace frustrations and even challenges can be brought on by a bossy coworker.

Bossy, controlling individuals can be infuriating and frustrating, but with the proper attitude and frame of mind, you can effectively deal with them. Here are some techniques that can help:

Tips For Handling Bossy People

Stay In Touch With Your Inner Guidance

Bossy people can easily persuade you to do things that don’t feel right to you when they have your trust.

Bossy people frequently threaten, become angry, argue, or put you under emotional stress to get what they want from you. If you are not in touch with your own inner guidance, you will fall a victim to their pressure.

When you are confident in your own judgment, you can resist any attempts by others to restrict your freedom. When you are not sure of what’s right or wrong for you, it’s easy to be influenced by external pressure.

The best way to connect with your inner guidance is through meditation.

Don’t Live In Fear Of A Bossy Person

Fear is the most common tool used by bossy people to influence others.

They might employ their power to instill fear in you in order to persuade you to comply with their demands. It’s common to see some parents using the fear of punishment to get their children to do their bidding.

You must consciously stop succumbing to the “fear” instilled by a bossy person’s force if you truly want to be free of their influence.

By remaining vigilant and aware whenever fearful emotions attempt to take control, it is possible to overcome any fear.

If you don’t fear the fear but instead remain firmly rooted in your awareness of it, fear will not be able to control you.

Here’s a quick exercise you can try: Find a quiet space and sit there thinking about this person. Embrace every ounce of fear and rage. Now, instead of becoming unconscious of the fear, become conscious of the energy that the fear is made of. For better or worse, “feel” your fear. To feel is the key phrase here, so keep that in mind. These energies begin to loosen their grip on you as you feel them.

Put Your Freedom Above Everything Else

It is simply a reaction of your being to the sense of loss of freedom you experience when you feel victimized by bossy people around you.

No one else can really help you with this; only you have the power to regain your freedom and maintain it. If you put your freedom first, you will always be free from victimizing influences.

Everything else somehow just returns to harmony on its own when freedom is your top priority. Keep in mind that unless you grant permission, a bossy person cannot truly take your freedom away from you. Put freedom above money, relationship, and other forms of “pseudo” security that your mind may be seeking.

Your external reality will automatically draw helpful elements into your existence when you feel free inside.

Be Willing To Speak Up Your Stand

When someone is trying to boss you around, you need to be assertive and stand up for yourself. Tell them that you will not tolerate their behavior.

Instead of reacting or becoming emotional, maintain a calm presence as you speak.

Make your position known, outlining your preferences and requirements without trying to undermine the other person. Don’t let their response intimidate you; instead, remain composed and steadfast in your position.

How to Handle Bossy Person

Limit Your Time With And Proximity To Them

Bossy people can drain your energy. It’s acceptable to limit the amount of time you spend with them because, if you spend time with them, you probably feel worn out when they leave.

You don’t have to go to someone’s house if you see them and feel exhausted afterward. You’re not required to extend an invitation. You don’t have to talk to them on the phone for hours.

The act of touching is included in this. Whether you’re aware of it or not, every time we touch someone, we exchange energy. Remind yourself that it’s acceptable to put physical barriers between you and this person as well; if at all possible, avoid hugging and sitting close to them.

Learn To Calm Your Nervous System

People who are manipulative enjoy watching you become stressed out. Exhaustion follows our time with them precisely for this reason.

Your nervous system will consequently be on high alert whenever you are around these people. Your breath may become shallow or your heart may start to beat faster. Practice nervous system relaxation before and after spending time with a bossy person as well as in the present moment to help combat this stress response.

There are numerous techniques for relaxing the nervous system. Here are a few ideas:

  • While conscious, take a few slow, deep breaths. You are free to do this at any time, including while you are speaking with this person.
  • Become aware of your body’s emotions. Recognize your anger or fear and acknowledge it to yourself. This method of labeling your feelings helps you lessen their influence over you.
  • Can you shift your attention from fearful to uplifting/positive thoughts?
  • Use a mantra to stay optimistic. Any straightforward mantra, such as “I am powerful,” “I am in control,” or “I am confident,” could be used for this. Shift your attention to this mantra as you mentally recite it.
  • Practice overcoming shame (we’ll talk about this later in this article).


This follows from the previous tip; you might experience emotional unease following a conversation with a manipulative person. So that you can approach any situation with that person with empowerment rather than fear, it’s crucial to help yourself feel safe in your own body again after the incident.

In order to return to a feeling of safety, you might try some self-soothing techniques, such as:

  • Holding your own hand or giving yourself a hug
  • Taking a warm bath.
  • Drinking hot tea.
  • swaddling a blanket around your body.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • You can relax your body by using essential oils.

Practice Shame Resilience

Expert manipulators enjoy using shame to control others. They are fully aware of how much shame hurts and how simple it is to manipulate someone when they are feeling ashamed.

You need to develop shame resilience if you are currently nodding your head. Do not be deceived by the tricks used by this person; you have nothing to be ashamed of, and they are merely attempting to control you.

You need to be aware of how shame makes you feel physically and mentally in order to practice developing shame resilience. When you notice you’re feeling ashamed, think to yourself: “I’m having a shame response.” Before getting caught up in a tornado of pain, use this straightforward mindfulness technique to take a step back and acknowledge your feelings for what they are.

Then, tell yourself that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. If you’re dealing with a bossy person, they’re probably just trying to force you to do something. You are not to be ashamed of anything because you did nothing wrong.

Set Boundaries

Set your boundaries and watch out for them being crossed if you must work closely with a bossy coworker. Set boundaries that are clear. Say No if they are being pushy or demanding too much from you!

Boundaries are essential for a number of reasons. First off, anyone who values autonomy and self-direction will find a domineering employee to be uncomfortable. A domineering person can compel you to submit.

They want you to be submissive. They are unable to carry on with their game of enslaving others for their own gain if boundaries are established.

Here’s an example of how it’s done: “I want you to know that just because I say no doesn’t mean our conversation isn’t important. My integrity is just something I value highly. I’m hoping you can comprehend.”

If Possible, Remove Yourself If The Situation Becomes Toxic

you may need to consider cutting this person out of your life completely, if possible. Is this person acting in a toxic way? Do they not seem to understand or respect the word “no”? Do you feel as though you must approach them cautiously? Do you ever feel embarrassed around them, to repeat? Do they make an effort to influence your behavior or way of life?

In that case, you might be in a toxic relationship. Start taking action to get rid of this person, but keep in mind the aforementioned tip. Being prepared and remembering that you have nothing to be ashamed of will help you deal with manipulative people who may try to make you feel bad for leaving or setting boundaries with them.

How to Handle Bossy Person

Choose Freedom Over Security

Finally, realize that life is not a “do or die” reality. There is nothing that you “have” to or “need” to do. Other than those you set for yourself, there are no restrictions. Life never places any limitations on your freedom and is always free.

Your own mind is the only limitation in your life. The reason you give in to bossy people is that you feel that you “have” to do their bidding in order to have a secure life.

Truthfully, there is no security in servitude, and while freedom may appear to the mind to be an unpredictable and potentially unsafe environment, this is not the case. It turns out that when you choose freedom over security, security naturally results from this decision.

Seek Additional Support.

If your colleague’s behavior is preventing you from doing your job, ask your supervisor or a human resources manager for assistance. If your manager is reluctant to take action, enlist the help of other coworkers who are also annoyed by the control freak.

Be Firm But Avoid Arguments

It can become frustrating if there are things that must be done a certain way and the other person won’t budge no matter how many times you try to explain them. But no matter how angry you are about the situation, try to keep it under control.

Stay away from conversations that might make you feel strongly about something. Avoid getting sucked into lengthy arguments or disputes with them because this could result in a fight.

That is what they want. They’ll make you lose your temper, and it will be much harder for you to control your emotions and situation.

Try to restrain your anger and leave if you are upset about something. Be firm with your words but avoid entering into arguments at all costs, no matter how much they try to provoke you.

Be Professional

Be professional, and assert yourself, but in a polite way when dealing with a bossy coworker.

The majority of bossy people strive for perfection and want to impress everyone around them, so their moods largely depend on what they are doing or not doing.

They are always alert and seeking to exert control over their surroundings. By refusing to comply with their demands or presuming that they are always right, you can irritate them.

Keep in mind that everything about their mood depends on outside factors, so if you can set your boundaries and act professionally, you’ll do great.

To Sum Up: Overcome Fear & Insecurity

To deal with a bossy person, you must get over your fear and insecurity and find security in your inner wisdom. The mind is fearful, but your heart always knows what is right.

Train your mind to support what your heart feels is true while listening to your heart. When you always choose to listen to your heart instead of the fears your mind has created, you experience true freedom.


What Is A Bossy Person?

A bossy person is one who constantly directs others.

What Makes Someone Bossy?

Bossiness cannot be caused by a gene or biological, or physiological indicator. Culture unmistakably transmits this propensity for or need for control over other people. The family is the second source of information after their immediate environment.

What Is An Example Of Being Bossy?

Bossy people frequently dictate what should be done to others. Your bossy friend might tell you what to wear and where to eat on your date. Bossy people take pleasure in telling you what to do.