15 Signs Your Husband is Planning to Leave You

Many wives already have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong with their union. However, coming to terms with the “I think my husband is going to leave me” realization is daunting. They keep ignoring the problem in the hope that it will go away by not addressing it. But that doesn’t happen very often.

So, if questions like “Is my husband planning to leave me?” or “Even though I’m willing to work on our marriage, will my husband still leave?” are keeping you up at night, don’t silence that gut instinct. It is always better to be vigilant and aware of where exactly your marriage stands in order to spare yourself the heartache later. Here are a few indicators that your husband is ready to leave you.

Signs Your Husband is Planning to Leave You

Your Husband Appears Uninterested in Your Whereabouts

Your husband has moved on and is no longer bothered by the fact that you prefer to spend your time elsewhere.

When they’re preparing to leave you, they don’t care about your arrivals or departures.

They Seem Pleased When You’re Going Out

They might need to organize their belongings, pack, inform friends and family, find alternative housing, etc.

Or, much more tragically, they may be feeling relieved to be away from you. That is a blatant indication that your spouse, partner, or former spouse no longer loves you.

You’re Noticing That Some of Their Personal Items Are Disappearing

This is a definite indication that they are prepared to leave. You could look through your house for packed bags or boxes, but I’d much rather you talk to your spouse about your concerns.

It’s time for you two to talk about your concerns and for them to say out loud whether they intend to leave you.

They’re Nothing Short of Rude to You

It seems like too much to be in the same room together. Sadly, they might even have admitted they despise you. You feel bitterly rejected because you believe they despise you.

Your attempts to connect are at best met with a short, grumpy response, or you will be told lies. Even getting the silent treatment is possible.

15 Signs Your Husband is Planning to Leave You

You’ve Been Told They Want a Break

They might need a break, for sure. They may not realize it, but it could be a prelude to wanting a divorce and separation. how to tell you they want a divorce.

This might be a telltale sign that your spouse, partner, or other family members no longer loves you and that your marriage is disintegrating.

If you already had second thoughts about your union, you might want to reclaim some power by telling your partner that you want a divorce.

They Push You Away When You Want to Hold Hands Or Seek Any Physical Contact

Your spouse seems to no longer be attracted to you, to put it simply. It may have been happening for some time, but you can’t deny it any longer.

This is yet another alarming sign that your marriage is on the verge of disintegrating.

It’s time for you two to talk it out and decide whether you want to stay together or end things.

They’re Made Financial Arrangements to Enable Them to Leave

It’s possible that your partner has been making preparations to ensure they have the resources to leave you financially. It’s possible that your partner is telling you financial lies.

Your Husband is Already Having An Affair

By betraying their trust and, in particular, by cheating on them, you can make someone feel rejected if there was ever a way to do it.

If your partner is truly having an affair, your marriage is in serious trouble, not the least because they are constantly lying to you. For more information, read my article on the warning signs of cheating.

Your Husband is No Longer Interested in Making Love

They always push you away or claim to be tired when you try to reach out to them.

You can tell from the way they reject you that they don’t really want to be intimate with you, despite the fact that they may well be exhausted. You should not be upset at all!

Absolutely not, on its own, a sign that your wife or husband wants to leave you. For instance, they may have impotence or low libido.

They’re Spending More Time With Friends

It may have taken some time, but they have been looking for solace and entertainment elsewhere.

Or perhaps their friends are helping them through the upcoming divorce.

15 Signs Your Husband is Planning to Leave You

Your Husband is Spending More Time at Work

Initial justifications for that are probably the ones you came up with. They might not have a choice in the situation.

They could have, however, requested more shifts. On weekends, during Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other family holiday, they might have offered to work. Additionally, they might have stated that they would be available in case they were unexpectedly called in during holidays.

Your Husband Or Partner Isn’t Spending Any Time in Your Company at Social Gatherings

They’ll generally shy away from accompanying you to social gatherings. You will undoubtedly notice when someone is forced to leave in order to maintain their appearance.

They will spend as little time as possible with you while you are left to defend the justifications to others.

They Come Up With Excuses When You’re Looking for Ways to Spend Quality Time Together

When you are actively attempting to mend the relationship while being aware that your spouse or partner wants to dissolve the marriage, this situation arises.

Your attempts are purposefully being thwarted by justifications or outright refusals.

They Have More Contact With a Particular Friend(s)

They probably sought out friends and family for support if they were unhappy.

If your spouse is planning to leave you, there might be even more communication right now as they get ready to split up.

They Are Increasingly Cold and Distant

You will feel cold and distant if your spouse exhibits any one or a combination of the aforementioned signs that they want to leave.

But there is a warning attached to everything above!

A spouse who seems distant and cold may be experiencing mental health issues.

Summary: Pay More Attention

Don’t be one of those husbands or wives who pretended everything was fine despite their intuition telling them otherwise or who thought everything was perfect up until the shocking announcement. It’s simple to identify warning signs that your marriage is ending. In case he is secretly planning to divorce you, pay attention to the early warning signs and safeguard your feelings.