What To Do When Someone Ignores You?

Negative feelings like confusion, self-doubt and confidence loss are all accompanied by the feeling of being ignored.

Regardless of the circumstances, that person ignores you whether they are your closest friend or family member. Still, there are many perplexing questions that must be ignored in a circumstance like this. When someone ignores you, you may occasionally be unsure of how to respond and whether to move on or remain.

Dealing with a similar circumstance? When someone ignores you and you are unsure of what to do next, we share some potential solutions here. Our recommendations for dealing with the silent treatment you are receiving are listed below.

Why Does Being Ignore Hurt?

When someone ignores you, especially if it’s someone you care about, you might begin to feel unworthy, unimportant, or unlovable. It is completely normal to feel hurt when you don’t get the response you anticipate from your partner, parent, or employer.

Despite the fact that rejection or oblivion will inevitably leave you feeling hurt, remember that it’s not always your fault. Instead of attempting to alter who you are in order to win their love or attention, keep in mind that everyone goes through emotional ups and downs, which may influence how they behave toward you.

For instance, they might have experienced emotional neglect as a child or they might simply be overburdened by other issues in their life. Your sense of worth should never, however, be based on what other people think of you or how they perceive you.

Ways to Deal With People Who Ignores You

Give the Person Space

Do you pursue them constantly and make an effort to get in touch with them despite their continued disregard for you? You must then restrain yourself from spending too much time with them. You are simply irking the issues rather than resolving them. Thus, refrain from doing such things and give them some time to reflect. It’s okay if you miss that person who is absent or if you feel lonely as a result of their ignorance.

Allow the person to take a breath and collect themselves. Let them identify their sorrow and come to their own realization of what they are doing incorrectly and why they ignore you. Let them think about the situation on their own; don’t try to fix everything. Make them believe that something is wrong with them because you aren’t around.

Make Sure You’re Really Being Ignored

So let’s say you assume that someone is ignoring you without cause. Are you certain of it, though? Or are you just forced to believe that because of your personal opinion? It’s common knowledge that people frequently feel ignored by others. However, that isn’t always true. It’s just that their unhappy feelings and thoughts paint a different picture.

The majority of the time, situations like these are brought on by a person’s past experiences. Consider whether your situation is included. It might be the fear of losing someone, combined with any past experiences that have caused you to worry about what people think of you. But before you respond to such a circumstance, in any case, examine yourself and determine what irritates you.

Find Out What Bothers Them

If you truly believe that someone is ignoring you, it is time to consider their point of view. It’s possible that they are upset with you because you unintentionally hurt them. that you simply aren’t even conscious of it. Therefore, it would be wise to remember your most recent disagreements with them or the likely occasion when their behavior toward you changed.

You now know the response. Find out why they are upset with you. Is it a joke they found funny or a meeting you forgot to invite them to? If so, it is now your turn to approach them and either explain the circumstance or apologize for your actions. This typically occurs when someone needs to act flexibly but is either overly sensitive to trivial matters or extremely egoistic.

Avoid Overreacting

It’s very simple to draw all kinds of dramatic conclusions when you are certain that someone is ignoring you. For instance, you might believe that a friend will never contact you again, that a prospective partner has found someone else to date, or that a coworker is going to request a transfer out of your department.

Being ignored typically only lasts a short while and doesn’t portend bad things.

And by being careful not to overreact, you can actually lower the likelihood of a negative outcome.

Try to refrain from snapping at people or letting your bad feelings fester inside. This advice is applicable both internally and externally. Consciously think back to times when you have felt similarly but have ended up mending fences with the person. Reason with yourself, reminding your mind that many such situations get resolved amicably.

Take It Easy

Recognize that you should not and cannot control everything. Let them ignore you if someone is doing it. Take it easy; you have no control over their decision. As was previously stated, it would be better for you to take care of yourself rather than worrying and trying to keep their attention. Spend time doing the things you enjoy, such as participating in your favorite hobbies and attending family events.

Of course, being ignored without cause hurts a lot. When you’re feeling down, you should be by yourself. And take action to occupy yourself with worthwhile activities.

Keep your cool, practice meditation, and spend time doing what you should. When someone purposefully ignores you, there are many things you can do, including improving yourself and learning new skills. rather than simply worrying about their decision.

Meet Face to Face

You’ll probably end up talking to the person who has been ignoring you eventually, though not always.

They might suggest speaking on the phone, sending texts, or exchanging messages online; you might even believe you prefer one of these methods of communication.

Though they do have significant drawbacks, be aware of that. You cannot, for example, analyze body language or present your own comforting body language. It follows that there will probably be a misunderstanding or that one of you will mistakenly believe the other to be more irate than they actually are.

Make the conversation happen face-to-face whenever you can. Less personal options are preferable to none if the other person declines.

In order to make the idea of a face-to-face meeting more appealing and less intimidating, suggest a public location (like a coffee shop) and make the time constraints explicit (e.g. scheduling a meeting from 2-3 pm).

What To Do When Someone Ignores You?

Apologize If Necessary

Last but not least, apologizing is frequently the quickest way to end a situation where someone has been ignoring you because they are upset or angry about something you did.

Offer a sincere and explicit apology that emphasizes your understanding of what you did, presuming you genuinely believe that your actions contributed to the unfortunate events.

This demonstrates your sincerity and that you’re not merely offering a flimsy apology.

You can, of course, apologize just to repair the relationship even if you don’t really believe you did anything wrong.

You must, however, consider what this means going forward.

Are you putting yourself in a situation where you’ll always take the blame and be the victim? If that appears likely, it might be wiser to remain steadfast even if it means taking longer to come to a decision.

Take the next step now if you want to completely rid yourself of negativity.

Express Your Feelings About It

It’s crucial to create a safe space where you can express your feelings and the other person can do the same.

Relationships of any kind frequently fail because one or both parties do not feel heard and recognized.

Invite this person to an open discussion about the feelings on both sides before you attempt to resolve any dispute or negotiate the future.

Here, you can use active listening strategies to make sure you fully comprehend, such as paraphrasing what the other person has said and reflecting this back to them.

You can avoid misunderstandings from getting out of hand by doing this.

Stay Away from Negativity

Negative emotions and the same effects on your mind are produced when you feel ignored. That is not something into which you should put any of your time or effort. Avoid such life’s negative aspects and those who only have negative things to say. Your decision to keep thinking about the person who injured you ultimately makes you feel depressed.

It’s definitely worth a try to resolve the issues if you have family and close friends nearby. Because if you are ignorant of them, you will undoubtedly feel lost and alone. But you should avoid those negative people who don’t add anything positive to your life. Stay with those who deserve your presence and don’t let their negative behavior affect your positive spirit.

Self-Esteem is Important

We both agree that having someone in your life plays a significant role and that you may develop strong attachments to them. When someone ignores us, we frequently try going above and beyond the call of duty to win them back.

It’s critical to be aware of your boundaries; don’t let anyone undermine your dignity. It will take time to repair the harm that person did to your self-esteem, whether or not they return. Decide to prioritize yourself over everyone else.


There are numerous options available to you if someone chooses to ignore you. If they don’t respond, you can keep following them. Alternatively, you can simply leave and stop communicating with them. Your response to someone ignoring you is entirely up to you, once more. However, it is always preferable to understand the situation from another person’s point of view as well, so that you don’t react too quickly, let your emotions control you, and ultimately lose a person for life.

At the very least, you need to understand what’s on that person’s mind and what’s hurting them, especially if that person means something to you. They should also hear your apology and know that you value their contribution to your life.

And if they don’t mean anything to you and they continue to ignore you, just ignore them back and go about living your life. You can treat them that way, in a quiet counterpunch. Simple as that.