Better Partner

Making yourself a better partner first is necessary if you want to build a better, stronger, happier, and longer-lasting relationship. Betterment must occur within yourself before you can wish for your partner to change for the better. In order to advance your romantic relationship, you cannot command or coerce your partner into taking a certain action. But you have the ability to take charge of your life and make positive changes in order to guide and encourage relationship development.

Why Will We Need In A Better Partner?

  1. I need someone to inquire about my day when I throw the bag once I get home.
  2. Someone has to make me get up when I want to sleep for another two minutes.
  3. I require someone to kindly remind me to bring my umbrella when it is pouring heavily.
  4. When I go abroad, I need someone to cry to and say “I will be here”.
  5. I require a hug and a pat on the back when I’m grieving.
  6. When I am lonely, I need someone to say “Come Over”.
  7. I need someone to correct me when I forget to eat breakfast.
  8. I want someone to quiet me down when I speak too loudly.
  9. I require a call from a friend when I’m depressed.
  10. I need someone to cry with me when I die.

How To Be A Better Partner?

1. Have More Patience.

Learn to wait for things that are beneficial to your relationship for longer periods of time without getting upset, angry, or frustrated. Keep your temper under control if your boyfriend or girlfriend is late. Don’t panic or lose your cool if your spouse is unable to grant your request right away. You will undoubtedly improve as a partner if you exercise more patience.

2. Rather Than Reacting, Take The Initiative.

Put more emphasis on solutions and actions than on reactions. Are you and your spouse currently having money issues? Instead of giving in to your emotions and becoming depressed or irritated, find a solution by working longer hours or developing a new source of income.

3. Be More Humble.

Don’t let pride and haughtiness control you. Start being humble with your partner and break free from them. Recognize that you are a person with flaws just like everyone else. No matter how good or powerful you are, allow yourself to be weak or vulnerable for your partner in order to show them support, forgiveness, care, and true love.

4. Be Zealous For Your Own Development.

You have to improve yourself as a whole in order to be a better partner. Therefore, focus on developing your character traits and attitude as well as your romantic abilities and skills. In other words, be the kindest, most mature, loving, and honest partner to her or him in addition to being the sweetest, funniest, and most romantic partner.

5. Make Kindness The Guiding Principle In Your Life.

You can have both good and bad elements in your heart. But it’s up to you which of them you’ll let live. Kindness should rule your heart rather than malice, hatred, or selfishness if you want to be a better lover. Love is kind, so keep that in mind. So, if you want to be a better lover, examine your heart and make sure kindness, not its opposite, governs there.

6. Be A Gentle Person.

No matter how you pull a chair for your girlfriend, share your coat with her to comfort her, or shield her from physical harm, if you continue to hurt her on the inside, your chivalry will mean nothing. Be gentle with your partner to keep her from suffering mental and emotional harm in addition to physical injuries. To put it another way, be kind to your partner’s heart, mind, and even spirit in addition to her body.

7. Be Thankful And Satisfied.

Thank your partner for entering your life. Recognize and value all of the person’s accomplishments, efforts, and sacrifices, no matter how small. Never feel envious of your partner, your relationship, or yourself when compared to others. Allow your partner to understand how they complete your life.

8. Be A Better Listener.

Always paying attention to what your partner says is a good habit. But are you also paying attention to what her heart and mind are saying? Listen more intently to improve your relationship. Despite what your partner may say to you, their hearts might be telling them something different. Observe your partner’s eyes, pay attention, and be genuinely interested in getting to know them better to be a better listener.

9. Respect Your Partner.

Don’t disregard your partner’s rights, emotions, or wishes. Whether he is a man or a woman, show respect. Respect your commitment to uphold and maintain your relationship. Keep in mind to respect yourself as well.

10. Love Yourself.

Your partner will always encourage you to look after yourself. If she or he notices that something is wrong with you, they will be concerned. Therefore, develop self-love and self-care. Avoid engaging in unhealthy activities and substances. Stop smoking, drinking, and even overeating. Never feel depressed or anxious. To be able to serve, assist, and protect your partner at all times, keep your physical and mental health in tip-top shape.

11. Love The Family Members Of Your Partner.

Love your partner’s parents and siblings in addition to your spouse. This will demonstrate how much you genuinely care. Furthermore, your partner will be extremely pleased that you and the family get along. You must establish a cordial relationship with them because they are or will be your in-law parents and in-law siblings.

12. Encourage Your Spouse To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle.

A good partner makes sure their partner is always in good physical and mental health. Be a healthy lifestyle example. Encourage your partner to maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule. Stop acting sluggish. Go to the gym together, jog in the park together, and stay away from junk food together—these are just a few of the things you can do to increase your level of physical activity and lead a healthier lifestyle as a couple.

13. Work More To Increase Your Wealth.

Start putting money aside. Stop using it to indulge in vices like drinking, smoking, and gambling. Start saving your time as well. Stop wasting it on pointless pursuits like excessive gaming or social media lurking. Instead, put that money to work increasing your wealth for the benefit of your partner and kids.

14. Don’t Consider Cheating.

Cheater: the worst kind of partner. As a result, never ever cheat on your partner and cause them to lose their love if you want to be a better partner.

Better Partner

15. Get Over The Past.

Make sure your relationship with your ex is over entirely. Right now, concentrate on your current partner. Don’t hold anything back from her or him; give yourself completely. Simply love your partner. Furthermore, you must never compare the person you are in love with right now to those you have previously loved. Your mind will only become foggy if you compare your current relationship to your previous relationships. Keep in mind that having a fresh mind and heart for your partner is essential to a healthy relationship.

16. Be Patient

A partner who is tolerant, non-judgmental, and who doesn’t expect his or her partner to be perfect is a rare one indeed. These kinds of partners are the ones who bring out the best in us and allow us to be ourselves, warts and all. A person like that appeals to everyone.

17. Make Honesty A Habit.

Being sincere requires regular practice rather than being a one-time event. The promise that you won’t lie to your partner again must be backed up by action. One of the hardest habits to kick is lying. Honesty is a virtue that you should cultivate until it becomes second nature if you want to be a better partner for your partner. Try your hardest not to tell any lies, no matter how small. Remember, lying is a habit. It is preferable to develop a lie-free addiction.

18. Have Faith In Action.

Being faithful to your partner requires more than just words; it also requires deeds. As the Scriptures say, “faith without works is dead”. Your hopes have substance because of your faith. If you want to marry your girlfriend soon, for instance, don’t just wish for it; actually take steps to make it happen. Work extra hours to save more money for your wedding, begin purchasing an engagement ring for your proposal, and come up with a workable wedding plan are a few things you can do to ensure the wedding you want.

19. Make Your Partner Happy All The Time.

If your spouse is always content, you are a good partner. To make your loved one happy, you don’t have to be a funny guy or a good comedian. What you require is a tender heart that guards your partner’s heart against harm at all times. Make them happy, even in small ways, by doing so all the time. Be sure to celebrate your partner’s special days, prepare his favorite meals, surprise him with gifts, or give her a soothing massage. Be a relief or a solution to your partner’s problems, not the other way around.

20. Be Happy.

Your partner will share in your happiness if you have a loving relationship. Therefore, make sure that you are happy as well in addition to making your partner happy. Being perpetually depressed, anxious, and pessimistic about life will not make you a better partner. If you can’t even make yourself happy, you can’t make your partner happy either. Happiness must begin inside of you. Learn to embrace life positively and to be joyful despite challenges so that you will always be full of joy that you can share with your partner.

21. Give Your Partner The Kind Of Love You Know To Exist.

Finally, demonstrate to your partner what true love is all about. Let him or she learn what it means to be truly loved. Of course, you must first learn what true love is like before you can give it to others. To differentiate between real and fake love, you must possess wisdom. True love requires practice for a lifetime or even longer than a day, a month, or a year. In addition, isn’t it true that true love endures forever?

22. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

One way to become a better partner is to learn your partner’s love language, understanding how our partner feels loved and responds to our affection is crucial. So, if you and your partner each have a different love language, teach the other what you need. When we are in tune with our partner’s needs, we develop a stronger connection.


Work on showing your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend only sincere love if you want to be a better partner. You must purge your love of impurities and other things that taint it, in other words. These impurities include things that damage your relationships, such as arrogance, hatred, envy, mistrust, wickedness, and dishonesty. They must be replaced with traits that foster relationship growth and well-being, such as kindness, compassion, trust, respect, and faithfulness.

It is challenging to improve as a lover or a partner. It’s challenging, and many may argue that the advice I’ve provided above is unfeasible. But love is supposed to be a challenge. For this reason, it requires tolerance, humility, perseverance, and other positive traits that will help you develop into a better person overall, not just a better romantic partner.